About florida keys fishing aboard the Captain Easy

  For many reasons Islamorada is considered the sport fishing capital of the world. We’ve got world class fishing year round and an amazing variety of species to fish for here in the keys. On the charter boat Capt. Easy we specialize in all types of florida keys fishing on our fishing charters. One of the great things about deep sea fishing down here in Islamorada is that no matter what the time of year or what the fishing conditions (current, wind direction, water color, water temperature, etc.) There is always something exciting to fish for and we’re always ready and equipped for everything.
     Fishing in the Florida Keys is versatile. Conditions change often and different opportunities to capitalize on fishing for different species occur throughout the day. On the Capt. Easy we employ several different fishing techniques including live bait trolling, dead bait trolling, kite fishing, Vertical Jigging, live bait chumming, sight casting, wreck fishing, reef fishing, and deep dropping. As a top boat we are ahead of the curve on most of the types of fishing in the Islamorada area. What technique or combination of techniques we use on any fishing trip depend mostly on what species are targeted and what preference our customers have. We are always ready for anything and often fish several different techniques and target several species on any given day.
     Some of the species we target in the Florida Keys Include: 

Offshore Fishing


Islamorada Florida Keys sailfish

   Sailfishing is one of the most exciting types of Florida keys fishing. We generally catch most of our sailfish on light 20# tackle. Fishing techniques include kite fishing, live bait trolling, and sight casting. Although sailfish are caught in the Florida keys year round, the season is best between November and April with the most consistent fishing in December and January, and a chance for big days in April. On the Capt. Easy we hold the record for the most sailfish ever caught in a single day out of the entire existence of the Holiday Isle Charter boat fleet with 18 sailfish released on April 13th, 2009. 

Dolphin or Mahi Mahi

Islamorada Florida Keys offshore dolphin fishing

     Dolphin fishing is one of the most popular types of sport fishing in the Florida keys. They’re great eating, fun to catch and a beautiful trophy fish. Mahi fishing peaks from May through September, but can be a part of the catch any time of year when fishing in Islamorada. Dolphin fishing usually consists of lure and dead bait trolling with conventional stand up tackle coupled with sight casting live baits with light spinning tackle. Wahoo, tuna, tripletail, and billfish are also a common part of the catch when dolphin fishing in the Florida Keys. 


Florida Keys black fin tuna fishing

   Blackfin tuna are found mostly on the Islamorada Hump or on some of our other Florida Keys sea mounts offshore of Islamorada. Fishing for Blackfins is one of my favorite types of sport fishing and can be very exciting. The tuna fishing can be good any time of year and changes daily or weekly depending on the sea conditions. The most consistent time of year to charter a fishing boat in the keys and see a hot bite of blackfin tuna is September and October, but any time of year can be good in spurts. Techniques include live bait chumming, live bait trolling, lure trolling, and vertical jigging. The Capt. Easy is one of the few charter boats in Islamorada fully equipped for vertical jigging with the correct tackle including high speed jigging reels, fast action jigging rods, braided line and the correct butterfly style jigs. 


Wahoo fishing in the Florida Keys

   Wahoo are one of Capt. Bruce's favorite fish to catch on our charter fishing trips in the Florida keys. We catch wahoo year round in Islamorada, but the best wahoo fishing for fish over 30# and sometimes up to 70# takes place from November through march (especially around the full moons). Techniques used to catch wahoo include kite fishing or slow trolling large live baits called "speedoes", as well as high speed trolling and vertical jigging. Wahoo are also caught as a by catch of dolphin fishing in the late spring and summer offshore of Islamorada. 


Islamorada kingfish deep sea fishing

  Kingfish or king mackerel are part of the catch in Islamorada especially from October through April. The kingfish on our charter fishing trips in the Florida keys can be anywhere from school size fish in th 6-12# range to "smoker kings" up to 70#. On the Capt. Easy we catch most of our king fish with live bait such as cigar minnows or pilchards on light spinning tackle in the 12 to 20 pound test range. We often employ a technique called "live bait chumming" in which the king fish are chummed into a flurry. This can result in a wide open red hot bite with multiple fish hooked up at once and baits lasting only seconds before being eaten. 


Florida Keys swordfish charters

   We offer daytime sword fishing charters aboard the Captain Easy and have one of the highest success rates in the Islamorada area on swordfish trips. Islamorada has great fishing for swords year round, but weather conditions must be right for sword fishing with relatively light winds and calm seas in order to fish effectively on these trips.  Daytime fishing consists of dropping baits in deep water (1,200 to 1,800 feet of water) to the bottom. We are fully equipped with both Shimano tiagra hand cranking equipment as well as a brand new Daiwa mp 3000 electric power assist reel for this type of fishing and you have the option of manually cranking, using the electric reel, or both. Swordfish trips must be arranged in advance and weather conditions have to be ideal for sword fishing. If conditions are not right we can reschedule your trip or switch to our normal offshore target species for that time of year. 

Reef and Bottom fishing

Yellowtail Snapper


 In the Florida keys we fish for yellow tail snapper on the reefs offshore of Islamorada year round. Yellow tail fishing is usually fast paced once we get them chummed up behind the boat and this kind of fishing usually makes for plenty of fun light tackle action. Yellow tailing also produces some excellent eating fish, with a very delicate, white flaky meat that is a favorite in the local restaurants in Islamorada. 

Mutton Snapper

Mutton snapper fishing in the Florida Keys

 We catch Mutton snapper in depths anywhere from 12 to 250 feet offshore of the Florida Keys On our fishing charters. Many types of reef or wreck fishing around Islamorada can produce trophy Mutton snapper and we catch them patch reef fishing in the shallow waters, bottom fishing on the reef while yellow tail snapper fishing or dropping on wrecks in deeper water with live or dead baits. Fishing for mutton snapper in the Florida Keys can be great year round. Mutton snapper are an awesome fish to fish for offshore of the Keys. They’re great eating fish, they put up a great fight and are some of the smarter, more challenging snappers to trick into eating a bait. 


Grouper fishing in Islamorada and the Florida Keys

 Offshore of Islamorada in the Florida keys we catch grouper such as black grouper, red grouper, and gag grouper reef and wreck fishing. Grouper are closed in the south atlantic waters offshore of Islamorada from January through April, but we have outstanding fishing especially for big black grouper in the months of May and then again from October through December. We catch Most of our grouper dropping live baits on wrecks with medium to heavy stand up tackle. 

African Pompano

Deep sea fishing charters for african pompano

African Pompano can be caught while bottomfishig or wreck fishing offshore of Islamorada. They can be a very exciting part of the csatch and can be caught year round with your best chance being winter and spring.


Florida keys greater amberjack fishing charter

   The amberjack fishing in Islamorada is excellent from mid January through may and peaks in march and April. These fish average between 25 and 80# and we even caught one that tipped the scales at 130# On a recent fishing charter. Amberjack are caught dropping live baits or vertical jigs to the bottom on either deep wrecks or on our local Florida Keys sea mounts. 

Deep Drop Fishing

yellow edge grouper deep dropping in the Florida Keys

   Deep drop fishing In the Florida Keys is a lot of fun and produces some of the best eating fish you'll ever taste. Deep dropping consists of dropping baits to depths of anywhere from 300 to 750 feet deep. We are equipped with either electric reels or high speed hand crank reels depending on our charter customers preference. Besides being some of the best eating fish, The variety of species caught deep dropping makes it very interesting. Species we catch include tile fish (blue line and golden), snowy grouper, warsaw grouper, yellowedge grouper, scamp grouper, yelloweye snapper, queen snapper, vermilion snapper, porgy, rose fish, barrel fish, and many others. Deep drop fishing is excellent year round in the Florida keys. This fishing is great for people on fishing charters who are interested in meat fish and while lots of fun is not for people looking for light tackle sport fishing action. 

Inshore and family options

Evening Tarpon and Shark Trips

Florida Keys tarpon fishing

We offer evening tarpon and shark trips on the Captain Easy from the months of March through September. They are short three hour fishing trips conducted in the evenings In calm sheltered water. Usually from 4 PM to 7 PM. They are great family trips as there is usually plenty of action.and no chance of seasickness. We catch a variety of sharks including Blacktip, spinner, nurse, bull and lemon sharks and we also catch a good amount of tarpon on these trips especially from April through June. These trips are catch and release only so I would recommend a different trip if your interested in catching fish to take home. 

Tarpon Fishinjg

Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada Florida

Tarpon fishing is one of the most fun and exciting types of sport fishing found anywhere and we have some of the best tarpon fishing in the world in Islamorada. Aboard the Captain Easy we offer Florida keys fishing charters for tarpon from the Months of March through October. Live bait and dead bait fishing near the bridges and channels around Islamorada Florida. The Captain Easy It is a great charter boat for tarpon fishing In the Keys. Bigger and more comfortable than a flats skiff or bay boat, but small enough to chase fish under bridges and through shallow water. Islamorada fishing for tarpon gets going in March, peaks from April through June, and goes into the fall. Aboard the Captain Easy we use live bait such as mullet, pilchards, pinfish, and crabs as well as dead bait fishing with various types of cut bait including mullet and dolphin bellies all depending on the fishing conditions that day, the availability of different baits, and whats been working best. We catch most of our fish on relatively light tackle including spinning tackle and conventional tackle in the 20 to 40 pound range depending on the bait used and the techniques employed. We offer a 4 hour 1/2 day Tarpon fishing trip as well as a 3 Hour Family Special Tarpon and shark trip. Both trips are conducted in calm inshore areas with no risk of rough seas or sea sickness.

Family Patch Reef Fishing Trips

Florida Keys family fishing for yellowtail snapper

The family patch reef special is a great trip for families with small children or inexperianced anglers that want a quick trip that usually has plenty of action. They are short 3 hour fishing charters to shallow "patch reefs" relatively close to the dock. You can expect calmer water than there would be offshore and plenty of smaller snappers for action with some bigger reef fish mixed in for a fish dinner.

Sandbar Excursions

Islamorada Florida Keys sandbar fun.

We're now offering trips to the famous Islamorada sandbar for sunbathing and chilling out. We can take you yo the big sandbar, or some smaller spots with less crowds.