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Rates and availability

Capt. Easy Fishing Charter Rates

   Full Day  (7 am to 3:30 pm)                                                  $1,200                     
full day trips are our most popular fishing charters.

  ¾ Day (7 am to 1:30 pm)                                                        $1,000
    Our ¾ day trip is a great fishing charter with more fishing time than a ½ day, but less time than a full day on the water for people with less time or who might not want a whole day on the water.

 ½ day (7 am to 11:30 am)                                                         $800
    The fishing in Islamorada is very good and we can show you a great time even on a short ½ day fishing charter trip. Great for families or anyone that doesn’t want to be on the water for too long.

Swordfish trip
 (roughly 10 hours)                                              $1,500
     We travel 20 to 30 miles offshore to fish for daytime swordfish, usually catching dolphin or tuna on the way out or while we're swordfishing.

Offshore shark fishing (full day 7am to 3:30pm)                       $1,250
     We fish offshore for big tiger, bull, hammerhead, dusky, mako, and sandbar sharks.

Evening tarpon and shark trip (4 pm to 7 pm)                             $500
Fishing aboard our Conch 27 center console the Easy Does ItMarch trough September only. The evening tarpon and shark trips are short inshore trips conducted in the calm waters just offshore of Islamorada. They are great trips for families or anyone that is afraid of getting seasick on an offshore trip. The fishing is very good on these trips, but only from march through September.

Cancellation Policy   
Most days in the Florida Keys are very nice and we rarely have to cancel a fishing charter in Islamorada. Our general cancellation policy for bad weather is this. If the NOAA forecast is for winds greater than 25 knots, we probably will not be able to take you fishing. If the wind is forecast to be greater than 20 knots, you have the option of cancelling your fishing charter. In either of these cases we will either try to reschedule you for an alternate day that works for both us and you, or we will refund your deposit. If the forecast is for wind any calmer than this we expect to go fishing. Please do not book us if you plan on cancelling on a moderately nice day. We can not afford to hold days and then cancel them unless the weather is reasonably bad. We generally don't cancel charters for rain. If you have small children or certain limits we can usually do some types of fishing in sheltered areas so talk to Capt. Bruce and we should be able to accommodate you.

Tournament rates (call for Florida Keys sailfish and dolphin tournament rates)

A gratuity of 15 to 20% is customary for the mate. The captain will accept additional gratuities for outstanding service or fish cleaning. It is also customary to tip the captain on trips where there is no mate (evening tarpon and shark trips).

All of these prices are for the whole boat, you can bring up to 6 passengers and everything you’ll need is included. The only things you need to bring are food and drinks, some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a jacket in the winter or light clothing in the summer. Trip times are approximate and can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Contact Information

To inquire about availability please fill out this form and I will e-mail you or call you as soon as possible. Or you can call me directly at 305-360-2120 or e-mail me at

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